When is the best time to get a dental bridge?

dental bridge

No one likes to think too much about going to the dentist, but the trouble is that leaving it and leaving it just means that you end up needing to have more work done when you actually go! It is a bit of a horrible catch twenty two situation, which is why so many dentists encourage their patients to go and see them at least once a year, to prevent any potential problems from getting so rampant that they have to perform quite a major treatment plan. No one likes to have the pain, expense, and time lost, and so people think they are being smart by avoiding the dentist altogether. Sadly, it is not a very smart option, and it can lead to a greater number of big dental treatments.

That is why more and more people in their forties and fifties are getting a dental bridge – because previously, no one that age would think about going to see a dentist if they started to notice that their teeth were falling out. They try to ignore it by saying that they would rather have a rotten tooth out of their mouth than in it anyway, but eventually they cannot hide their fear that they are losing all of their teeth, and so they eventually head over to the dentist to get their opinion. This is the part that dentists absolutely hate. How do you tell a patient that if they had come to you earlier, you would have been able to save quite a few of their teeth, and some of the gum besides?

At this point, there is often no choice but to consider getting a dental bridge which will prevent any teeth from moving into the gaps that have been created by the teeth that have fallen out. It is not a sign of aging, and not necessarily a sign that you have not been looking after your teeth – as getting a dental bridge can happen to anyone – but it is most definitely a sign that you need desperate help from your dentist to make sure that you do not experience any more tooth loss, which is something that no one wants. Deciding to get a dental bridge is a brave decision, at the end of the day, and one that will benefit the patient – in the long run.

So if you do not want to be forced into getting a dental bridge very late in the game, when is the best time to get a dental bridge? Can you pre-empt the pain and discomfort that comes with losing teeth, and get a dental bridge before then? Well, by definition there is simply not point in getting a dental bridge if you have all of your teeth, so that would definitely be a little premature, but as soon as you lose one of your adult teeth – even if it is through a car accident, or a sporting injury, or a DIY mishap – you should head straight to your dentist so that they can take a look and see whether getting a dental bridge would prevent any more teeth from coming out. You may be in your twenties or thirties at this point, and that does not really matter. Your age is not a concern at this point: your teeth (the ones that you have left, anyway) are.

Look at the reviews for getting a dental bridge online and see which dentist you think is going to be the best one for you. You may be surprised at just how getting a dental bridge improves your teeth.

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