Detox during pregnancy – is it a good idea?

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One of the most frustrating things about being pregnant is that there are so many things that, all of a sudden, you are not allowed to do! It is like all of the fun is taken out of the experience, so you are constantly checking on a list to see whether you can do that, or eat that, or go there, or try this. Of course, the last thing that you would want to do is put your little one at risk, but that does not mean that you want your life to go on hold as soon as you see those two blue lines on the pregnancy test! One of the things that many expectant mothers ask whether or not it is safe to do is detox during pregnancy.

If you do not know what a detox is, it is very simple. A detox is a way of ensuring that you get all of the toxins and chemicals that have built up in your body over time completely out, so that your body can return to the natural balance that it so desperately needs. Some people will do this through drinking particular things, or eating particular things, and some people detox by not drinking or eating anything at all. There are even disposable detox foot patches, special teas that you can drink that will flush the toxins from your body, and some acupuncture and reflexology treatments that can also give your body a detox. You can almost have your very own detox plan mapped out for you depending on what you want to do, but people worry that it could be putting their unborn child at risk. So is it a good idea to detox while pregnant?

Unfortunately, the answer is a little more complicated than that. Obviously you want to be as healthy as possible while you are pregnant, and for many, detoxing sounds like the perfect way to get there. What you have to ensure is that you do not do anything too drastic, or something that you would not have normally done before you were pregnant. That means that if you often did a detox that was gentle and mild, then as long as you have the go ahead from your medical professional, there should be no complications for you to repeat that process. However, if you have never done a detox before in your life, you need to be a lot more careful. You don’t want to panic your body, and so it could be that you should leave the detox until after the birth, or even after you have finished breastfeeding.

Just like with everything else when it comes to pregnancy and looking after baby when he or she arrives, there is not a one size fits all solution that every single person can take for their own personal routine. You have to learn what your body, and your baby, wants and needs, and then start to make plans on what you want to do around that.


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